Laboratory for the Analysis of Places, Landscapes and European Countryside
Laplec - Service of rural geography from the University of Liège


The European rural world is fully restructured due to the relaxation of the constraints of mobilities (the spread of information and communication technologies included), due to the high reduction of farmers and of the strategic repositioning of those who remain, due also to new expectations related to the residential functions, but also functions as leisures, energy, and local and global environmental protection. Countryside are components of a broader system which include many stakeholders who intervene on multiple scales and have various spatial and territorial logics.

The laboratory of rural geography of the University of Liege (Laplec) wants to give its contribution to the comprehension of this system and to develop, in partnership with its inhabitants, answers to new challenges that countryside cope. The Laplec proposes methodological approaches adapted to the questions and to the available means to study, diagnose, and launch dynamics of integrated and collaboratif rural development.


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