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Projets de recherche - Research projects

2017-2019 : Perception of Natural Hazards in Cameroon (PERSONAZ)


The scope of PERSONAZ is to build a multidisciplinary approach to natural hazards. It brings together different scholars from climate, geomorphology, agronomy and social sciences in order to better understand local knowledge and perception of natural hazards in a context of climate, environmental and anthropogenic changes. South-western Cameroon it the region of interest because threatened by most natural hazards. All climatologists, geomorphologists and agronomists will identify tipping points in their field of expertise and define geographically what they consider as ‘hot spots’ of natural hazards. In the meantime, social scientists or mixed disciplines will collect ‘missing’ data on the field among local population. The interaction between all scientists aim to validate/invalidate risk perception and to highlight potential social tipping points linked to environmental changes. In addition to the scientific innovative approach, the added value of this research will be directly implemented in the education offer, making it more attractive. This project is a stepping stone towards larger projects and a way to stimulate interdisciplinary interactions within UR SPHERES. 




Pierre OZER (HUGO)
Serge SCHMITZ (Laplec)
Xavier FETTWEIS (Climatologie)
Matthias VANMAERCKE (Physical geography)
Aurélia HUBERT-FERRARI (Physical geography)
Bernard TYCHON (Eau Environnement Developpement)
Alexandra-Jane HENROT (AGO)
Laurent BRUCKMANN (Laplec)





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