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2017-2019 : Exploring sustainable smallholders’ livelihoods in an agroindustry oriented territory (Ecuador)


This research analyses smallholders’ livelihood strategies in agroindustryorientated territories. Specifically, it aims at i) identifying and characterizing the social metabolism of the main smallholders’ livelihood typologies in multiple dimensions as well as in terms of gender and age, ii) exploring their priorities and wellbeing expectatives, and iii) analyzing the agri-food distribution systems linked to these smallholders' typologies. Based on this assessment, an action plan will be elaborated with the objective to promote changes towards more just and sustainable livelihood systems. The research focuses on an emblematic case study, the Pedro Moncayo canton in the Andean province of Cayambe, northern Ecuador, widely known for its production of export flowers where the Union of Indigenous and Peasants Organizations Pedro Moncayo-Cochasquí (UCCOPEM) functions.


Patric Hollenstein (Universidad Central del Ecuador)

Dr. Sara Latorre (Escuela Politécnica Nacional)

Prof. Serge Schmitz (Laplec, ULiege)

Symi Nyns (Laplec, ULiege)


ARES, Coopération au développement 2017-2021


Latorre Sara, Hollenstein Patric, González-Rodríguez Mario, Schmitz Serge, 2022. Ecuadorian peasantries amidst the agri-food globalization: Social differentiation and diverse livelihoods strategies in a cut flower exporting territory, Journal of Rural Studies, 93: 28-42. Orbi 



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