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2007 - 2009 : LACSAWEP Landscape capacity and social attitudes towards wind energy parks in Belgium


The present energy crisis and the awareness of the human impact on climate change have boosted the public debate on the accelerated deployment of renewable energy sources. The objective of this research project is to analyse and assess the landscape capacity and social attitudes towards wind energy parks in Belgium, especially in non-urban and non-industrial sites. This research project starts from the observation that a sustainable production of energy, relying on renewable resources, should go hand in hand with a sustainable societal support for the use of these renewable sources. Experiences from neighbouring countries showed that the societal support depends of the regional landscape capacity and the social attitudes towards wind energy parks. In this research project both quantitative and qualitative research techniques will be used to: (1) measure the landscape capacity in relation to the location of wind energy parks in Belgium, (2) to gain insight in the way attitudes towards wind energy parks are socially constructed and reproduced.


Belgian Science Policy


Prof. Dr. Serge Schmitz, Laplec (ULg)
Prof. Dr. Anton van Rompaey, Physical and Regional Geography (KULeuven)
Prof. Dr. Chris Kesteloot, Economic and Social Geography (KULeuven)
Vincent Vanderheyden, Laplec (ULg)


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